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#72 – “It’s Demo-dogs!” (A Stranger Things S2 Post)

Well, it’s finally here! Netflix dropped all 9 episodes of Stranger Things Season 2 last October 27… and that date couldn’t have been any more perfect for my friends and I… A Friday, and so close to Halloween! Season 1 was so good, you would think a 1980s vibe could not have driven the show, but it sure did, for me at least! I loved everything about it… the coming-of-age and ugly jumpers and a mysterious, supernatural event at a science lab… it was the kind of unique concoction of genres that I watched and read and devoured as a kid. Anything that’s twilight-ish really, R.L. Stine was my go-to back then (Goosebumps, Fear Street..).

But, as with most shows that are shiny and pretty and such a big hit in the beginning, there’s always that sophomore slump that threatens writers and producers. I suppose it’s the one thing that frightens them most – that failure to live up to the (very high) standards of the first season. True Detective and The Killing fell to that category (but the latter recovered… kind of), and so many shows were cancelled right after two seasons (some even had their episode numbers cut). Good thing Stranger Things was already renewed for two more seasons (but that also means that the stakes are much, much higher).

So what did I think about ST Season 2? Did it also fall to the upside down jinx of a sophomore slump?

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